Culture Cafe – 27/10/09

Xerosun: Ivan, Fiachra, nessy, Garrett

Episode 8:

I’ve been really bad this week with getting this up – apologies.. it’s all busy busy!

The show didn’t go too bad, there was a lot of noise in the Student Union building on Tuesday and being honest it threw me off a little. (Yes there was only one show last week – on Wednesday and Thursday I was responsible for training in all the newbies – hi guys!)

So here’s what we got up to:

Xerosun ( a hardrock metal band joined me in the studio and we chatted throughout the hour)

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick

2. Neon Stars: Never Seen It Coming (First Radio Play)

3. Chris Singleton: Worry Number One (recommended free legal download of the week available from

4. Xerosun: All or Nothing

5. Telephone Chat with Fiach

6. Fiach: You Dear

7. Wallis Bird: To My Bones

8. Telephone Chat with Simon from Mugger Dave

9. Mugger Dave: Crawl Up

Ivan Xerosun : Rock Pose of The Year

10. Xerosun: Broken

11. Xerosun: Driving Me (First Public Play)

12. Outro…

I also have a tshirt here which was kindly donated by Xerosun, unfortunately there was a problem with our text line so the competition is running over to the next show..

All you have to do is go to and find out who did the artwork for Xerosun’s new album. Get the answer and SMS on 085 7515 973 and the winner will get the shirt!

Til Tues when I’ll be joined by DCUer Russell James who starts his first show next week..

nessy out!