Culture Cafe on DCUfm: Episode 42 – 25/11/2010

Episode 42. It’s almost December which means the goldfish bowl is getting a bit colder. Never mind that though, last night chat from Inculto and Pearse McGloughlin kept the temperature up!

Here’s what happened:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Fox Avenue: On My Own
3. Beady Eye: Bring The Light
4. Interview with Inculto including live tracks
5. Inculto: Closer Than You Think(Live)
6. Inculto: Close to Midnight (Live)
7. Ou Est Le Swimming: The Key
8. Interview with Pearse McGloughlin
9. Pearse McGloughlin: Mercedes and The Kingfisher (Live)
10. Pearse McGloughlin: Twine

And the time had past sooo quickly that we had to leave and let Enda get on with his Mixtape show, except we didn’t. We hung around the studio and had Album Avenue’s Colin Brennan get all Pearse’s trade secrets about songwriting. Fun times!

Nessy with Pearse McGloughlin

Nessy with Pearse McGloughlin