Culture Cafe: 25/02/10

Episode 16 of the Culture Cafe got going after ‘technical’ difficulties kept me from going ahead with the show on Tuesday. I did however, still manage to record and interview with Sean Hillen and Saccade to be aired on Thursday. I was also joined in hte studio by Sean Dempsey and Xerosun.

Here’s the way things panned out on

1. DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Marina and The Diamonds: Hollywood
3. Sean Hillen interview (prerecorded on Tuesday)
4. Sean Dempsey: Pretty Girl
5. Chat with Sean Dempsey
6. Sean Dempsey: Drama
7. Delphic: Sanctuary (Recommended free legal download of the week)
8. Xerosun: Cut Me Down
9. Chat with Xerosun
10. Xerosun: Broken
11. Xerosun: Silent Call
12. Saccade Interview (prerecorded from Tuesday)
13.  Saccade : See How They Fly (live acoustic)
14. Vampire Weekend: Giving Up The Gun
15. The Temper Trap: Fader
16. Wallis Bird: To My Bones
17. Suede: Animal Nitrate
18. Taken By Trees: Sweet Child Of Mine
19. Example: Won’t Go Quietly
20. Trophy Boyfriend: Black Ship
21. Christophe Willem & Kylie Minogue: Sensitized

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