Culture Cafe: 2/3/2010

Had a lot of fun doing this show.. loved it. it was the first day in weeks I could breathe properly too. Yay for me!

Here’s what went down on Episode 17!

1. Dj Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Shakespears Sister: It’s a trip
3. Humanzi: Hammer
4. Simon Fagan: Damn Honey
5. Pearl Jam: Animal (live) Free Recommended Legal Download of the week from Best of Bannaroo available from
6. Chat with Aisling, Our Beat to the beat
7. Hockey: Learn to Loose
8. Chat with James Guilmartin
9. James Guilmartin: Untimely Tales
10. Chat with Von Shakes
11. Von Shakes: Jackit (Acoustic)
12. Von Shakes: The Routine
13. The End…