Culture Cafe: 23/03/2010

Nessy and Fiach
Nessy and Fiach

Wow That was a busy show!

Some fantastic live music from Fiach, Keith Mullins and Pearse McGloughlin, more talent than you could shake a stick at so, Here’s what went down!

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Everything Everything: My Keys, Your Boyfriend
3. Chat with Fiach
4. Fiach: Freedom and Resistance (Live)
5. Fiach: Every Single Day
6. Cults: Most Wanted
7. Chat with Keith Mullins
8. Keith Mullins: Mistakes (Live)
9. Keith Mullins: This is Me walking Away
10. Kate Walsh: 1000 Bees
11. Chat with Pearse McGloughlin
12. Pearse McGloughlin: Ways to Kill A Werewolf
13. Pearse McGloughlin: Morning Mist

And that’s all we could squish in! Thanks to Niall from Rock n Roll Radio and apologies, we ran over by a little bits oops..

Keep Going Pictures of me with the other guys..

Nessy and Keith Mullins
Nessy and Keith Mullins
Nessy and Pearse McGloughlin
Nessy and Pearse McGloughlin