Culture Cafe 21/10/09

Nessy, Michelle, Peter (Carosel)
Nessy, Michelle, Peter (Carosel)

Episode 7

I had a really good time on Wednesday – Carosel were lovely!

We’re going to do a French Music Night!! Looking forward to that..

Here’s What we got up to :
1: Crossroads: DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick

2. Mumford and Sons: Little Lion Man

3. Evermore: It’s Too Late (Our nominated Free Legal Download of the Week available from

4. Chat with Karen Walshe, Director of Deaf..

5. Neosupervital: Dance With You

6. Kev’s Music Reviews including Zero 7

7. Chat with Aidan Kelly, Candy Collective about Sweettalk 37

8. LipGloss: Land of Lords

9. Carosel: Easy As It Flows

10. Chat with Carosel including Sun is Shining Live Acoustic

11. Carosel: Polly

12.. the outro.. and it was over way too soon…

Back next week on Tuesday at 8 on