Culture Cafe on DCUfm: 14/10/2010

Episode 38?? How did that happen?

Had a great time last night in the studio, there was a really good buzz, I spoke to Meljoann and Iwona from Flashlight and Howlin Dowlin popped in for a chat and a song. Here’s what happened.

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Blah Bounce: Republic of Loose
3. To U I bestow: Mundy (this week’s recommended Free Legal download available from Reverbnation)
4. Chat with Iwona, from Flashlight, who’s organising the event in the Twisted Pepper next week
5. Kings of Leon: Radioactive
6. RazorBlades: Howlin Dowlin
7. Chat with Bren and Vinny from Howlin Dowin including a live track Culture Cafe
8. Sussed: Howlin Dowlin
9. Chat with Meljoann
10. Meljoann: So Academic

and it was all over just like that.. Podcast coming shortly!

Nessy with Howlin Dowlin

Bren, Vinny and Nessy