Culture Cafe: 13/05/2010

Episode 34

This was the Last live show of the week on DCUfm and I actually loved doing it. The past few weeks have been pretty full on with assignment deadlines so really last night’s show was the first chance in a while I could actually sit back and enjoy the show and not worry if I had another essay or production to do when I got home.

Thank you to my guests, Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Simon Fagan and Sullivan.

Here’s what happened:
1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Aoife Cleary: Us & The U.S.
3. Chat with Dr Mary Helen Hensley
4. The Cast of Cheers: Strangers (Recommended free legal download available from
5. Chat with Simon Fagan
6. Simon Fagan: Bring The Dance
7. Train: Save Me San Francisco
8. Niamh Kavanagh: Its For You
9. Chat with Sullivan
10. Sullivan: Faith In You
11. Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment
12. Gloriana: How Far Do You Want To Go?
13. Phantom Planet: California