Culture Cafe: 1/12/09

That was fun! Mental and completely action packed but very fun!

Thanks to my guests, Aoibhe and the gang from the Post Grad in Marketing. (I hadn’t met Aoibhe before but she’s a friend of my sisters and recognised her from a photo), James from Legion Of Ape, Johnny Cronin from The Aftermath and Dave from Mike Got Spiked, who has now achieved legendary status. He is definitely the funniest guy who has been on Culture Cafe, here’s what we got up to.

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Example: Watch The Sun Come Up
3. Hitman Lord: Wanna Healing Music
4. Chat with PostGrad Marketing students.. Check out their video on search for CAO DCU
5. George Michael: December Song
6. Chat with James from Legion of Ape
7. Legion of Ape: Decelerator (live)
8. Legion of Ape: Electrobution
9. Florence and The Machine: You Got The Love
10. Chat with the legendary Dave from Mike Got Spiked..
11. Mike Got Spiked: Fool for the Ladies
12. Mike Got Spiked: Aversion
13. Chat with Johnny Cronin from The Aftermath
14. The Aftermath: The Power Of Love {exclusive first play :)}
15. Chat with Aisling, our Ear to the Beat about Hoarsebox..

Before we knew it, it was all over! Really enjoyed tonight, it was lots of fun! So much so that we’ve organised a Mike Got Spiked special for Thursday 17th December.. What a great way to finish off the decade!