Culture Cafe on DCUfm: 1/06/2010


Tis the Summer Season So I’ve decided that I’ll call this bit Vol.1 Part 3..

What? well Part 1 would be semester one, part 2 semester two so part 3 is the summer season 🙂

I headed into the studio only to find that cables and microphones weren’t attached, to each other or any other piece of equipment. So after a quick rebuild of the studio Episode 35 kicked off…

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. The Baseballs: Umbrella (Taken from featured album of the week, Strike)
3. Plan B: Darkest Place
4. Mia: Paper Planes
5. 30 Seconds to Mars: Bad Romance
6. Chat with Morning Hush
7. Morning Hush: Romance
8. Villagers: Becoming A Jackal (Recommended Free Legal Download available from Itunes)
9. Cults: Most Wanted
10. The Baseballs: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (from the album Strike)
11. Interview with Kathryn from I am not lefthanded
12. I am not Lefthanded: Boats (Swept Away)
13. Lena: Satellite
14. Fyfe Dangerfield: Always A Woman
15. The Baseballs: Hot N Cold (from the album Strike)
16. The Mighty Stef: Thank Christ for the Kids

and then it was over and the studio’s gaffer taped mic stands held up 🙂