Culture Cafe: 04/05/2010

Episode 31.

An extended 2 hour show, here’s what went down.

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Dropkick Murphys: Shipping Up To Boston
3. Gloriana: How Far Do You Want To Go?
4. Cypress Hill & Tom Morello: Rise Up
5. Red Light Company: Meccano
6. Drip Drop: Sufra (Eurovision entry from Azerbaijan)
7. Chat with The DC Experiment including
8. The DC Experiment: Parallel Universe (live)
9. The DC Experiment: Easy (live)
10. The Beat Poets: Staring Stars Down
11. Mike Got Spiked: Fool For the Ladies
12. Chat with Gavin Mulhall
13. Gavin Mulhall: Magpies Nest
14. House of Pain: Jump Around
15. Train: Hey Soul Sister
16. Lady Antebellum: Need You Know.
17. Kid Rock: All Summer Long

And then it was time to go home finish an assignment.