Colly Strings: Take a Good Look Review

collystringsThere must be something in the water round Bangor. First we had Two Door Cinema Club from the Co Down town, now we have Colly Strings. An alternative indie band with a nice rock edge and shades of Biffy Clyro. The band manage to retain melodic hooks and a catchy refrain. At 2 minutes 45 seconds ‘Take a Good Look’, doesn’t mess around and gets straight down to business.

The band played the Sound City Festival in Liverpool last week and if the confidence in delivery from record transfers to a live performance, they will be on their way to bigger stages. Good musicianship, good confident production, showing a band who know exactly who they are. Expect the Kerrang generation to adore them.

Take A Good Look along with the band’s debut E.P. is available to download for free.