Ciaran Lenehan: It’s Never Too Late EP Review

CiaranLenehan Having played with artists like Wallis Bird, Damien Dempsey and Frank Turner, Ciaran Lenehan has now released his debut, It’s Never Too Late.

Lenehan’s acoustic led music takes a couple of listens. During the first half of the first track on the EP, ‘Too Late’, it seems like the vocals are slightly disjointed from the song, giving a slight uneasy feeling to this listener. When the full sound of the track kicks in, the music is well produced but the slightly shouty vocals don’t let me warm to the track.

‘You Stole Today’, is much more together than its predecessor and tips a hat at some Britpop influences. It’s a mid tempo track. I can’t help but wonder why this wasn’t chosen as the lead track. The EP ends with ‘Wake Up’, starting with just an acoustic guitar, giving Lenehan a chance to showcase his voice, which surprises me, given the impact the first track. The track then builds up to a full band sound. I like this a lot.

Two out of three aint bad, especially when this is Lenehan’s first recording. What he needs to do now is concentrate on honing his sound and how the music is mixed to get himself his own unique sound. Decent effort.