Christophe Willem: Caféine Review

Elmer Fudd

Thanks to my Kris Kindle pressie (a Voucher for Amazon), I’ve managed to get my hands on a couple of books and DVDs that I was looking for. I also got Christophe Willem’s second album Caféine.

The follow up to 2007’s Inventaire has already featured the singles Berlin, Plus Que Tout and Heartbox. Willem has pop down to a tee.. Think a bit of Robbie, a dash of Kylie and drizzle of Madonna, mix ’em up and you have Mr Willem.

It’s not surprising to see that Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis feature on the album. The album also features duets with Skye and the talented Minogue sister. Another helping hand is that Willem is signed to 19 Management.

Inventaire established Willem as one of France’s premier chanteurs, Caféine takes him a step further towards Superstardom.  To achieve this though, unfortunately I think Willem will have to sing a few more songs in English.

The French have had a different way of doing CD releases for the past couple of years. Who needs CD singles if the industry are putting this much effort into physical albums. Pop the CD into the computer and you’re given a labyrinth of extras, videos, remixes, karaoke versions and a fantastic remix game where you can remix, Berlin and Plus Que Tout.

Christophe’s website