Calling all remixers: Remix tracks from aidan’s le grand discours

aidanbannerThe evenings are long and dark, perfect time for all you budding remixers to get stuck into something new.

Irish born and raised, though now living in Brussels, aidan is a singer songwriter who double jobs as a member of Wallis Bird’s band and he’s also one of the most talented people I know but please don’t tell him that.

Anyway, aidan managed to get himself 500 fans on Facebook over the weekend so he has decided to get three tracks from his album remixed. What are you waiting for? Getting cracking!

Here are the tracks, download links and some videos to accompany them.

bells of the morning .zip remix pack (183 mb – all tracks)
dropbox link:

someday tonight .zip remix pack (161 mb – all tracks)
dropbox link:

west cork remix pack (18 mb – vocal tracks only)
dropbox link:

Photo from Facebook