Bye Bye Television


Yip, we did it. we’ve dumped our TV. We’ve got rid of our cable and have finally decided we’re going to do something productive with our time rather than watching re-runs of Frasier and Friends.

How could you do that I hear you say? Well our little TV has been a friend for many years now. When we bought it first it was mainly because we were in the UK and we could also use it to surf the web. Dead handy when we didn’t have a computer and were emailing friends and family at home.

Being honest though, we probably watch more DVDs have quite a good monitor for doing that so we don’t really need a TV. Any TV we want to watch we normally end up watching online anyway.

I’ve yet to see a down side to this, we save on a TV licence fee, we save on cable bills. We have more time for actually doing stuff at home, like playing music, actual instruments, learning new stuff and believe it or not the thing people used to do before we all had tellys, talking.