Bullet to the Head: Film Review



This time of year is always good for films, some Oscar hopefuls get their release and there’s always something to savour. ‘Bullet To The Head’ is a new shoot em up, blow em up film, directed by Walter Smith (48 Hours/Another 48 Hours) and stars tough man, Sylvester Stallone. ‘Bullet To The Head’ isn’t going to feature in any ceremonies during award season.

Stallone plays ‘Jimmy Bonomo’, a New Orleans hitman who works alongside Detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang), as they search for their mutual enemy, Bonomo’s partner’s killer. Even an appearance from the awesome Christian Slater as the playboy millionaire Marcus Bapiste, isn’t enough to save this.

The film is based on a graphic novel, ‘Du plomb dans la tête’, which can be a good thing but here is also the film’s downfall. The acting is like characters on a paper page, one dimensional. We are never shown anything to relate to or feel empathy with the characters. It’s not helped by Stallone’s monotone dialogue. Script wise, even some shared ‘jokes’ between the two leads isn’t enough while the incidental music throughout the film seems to be used in accordance with what would be chapters in the graphic novel. It’s used a little too much though and starts to grate.

But, if you’re looking for 91 minutes of mindless killing and a few explosions thrown in for good measure, this will be the movie for you. Otherwise, see what else is on.

Bullet To The Head opens in Irish theatre’s on February 1st.