Boy George: Video Games Cover (video)

BoyGeorgeOh wow! When I was in school if you liked music there was George Michael or Boy George, you couldn’t like both cos of some press stories and general bitchiness that was associated with thirty thirteen year old girls. I was always in the Greek’s corner but there was always something about Boy George O’Dowd that made me have a little soft spot for him.

I really like this track, released yesterday on YouTube, it maintains the airiness associated with the original but there’s a bit of a folky edge to this and it features slide guitar! I’m also delighted to see that Boy George’s award winning musical about the London music scene in the early eighties, Taboo, will be coming back to the stage from September to December at the Brixton Clubhouse.

Open question to Boy George. Could you rerecord To Be Reborn? I love how your vocals are now and would love to hear it, thanks Nessy x