Blue Valentine: Movie Review

Blue ValentineThanks to The Lighthouse Cinema and Le Cool, I got to see a preview of Blue Valentine, the new film directed by Derek Cianfrance.

The movie centers around a married couple in their late twenties, played by Michele Williams and Ryan Gosling, who have to deal with changes in themselves and each other.

From the off, the movie is intense, Cianfrance’s background in documentary is apparent. The use of handheld cameras, close up shots of the characters and quick changing focus all add to the intensity and show a confining stifling relationship.

Williams and Gosling are a delight to watch and have a believable couple chemistry onscreen, beautifully playing off each other. Grizzly Bear provide a fantastically apt soundtrack. The script is interesting and moves delicately with a crossing timeline, letting us in on the story of Dean and Cindy.

Blue Valentine is  captivating but tough viewing as we see the couple’s trials.  Cianfrance has managed to retain an indie feel to the film while having a mainstream appeal.

Definitely one to watch, I’m going to go see it again.

Watch the trailer..