Ben Glover: Trick of The Light Review

BenGLover - Trick of the lightBen Glover is an interesting chappy, from Co. Antrim he headed off to Nashville two years ago. That had followed his release with ‘The Week The Clocks Changed’ which featured appearances by Jim Lauderdale and the legend that is, Vince Gill.

‘Trick of the Light’is the first single from his new album ‘Before The Birds’. The track has a slow upbuild led by Glover’s vocals accompanied by subtle guitars. Glover’s vocals remain the centre focus of the track with instrumentation remain subtle. Something about it reminds me of the aforementioned Vince Gill’s ‘I Still believe in you’. ‘Trick of The Light’ has a laid back feel, not a lazy one but it gives the impression that this is easy for Glover and shows an seasoned professional.

The title of Glover’s album is taken from track 2 on the disc, ‘I Am With You’ where Glover continues with his laid back vibe. It’s easy to see Ryan Adams comparisons. Featuring piano, the track is spacious and Glover stretches his vocals a little giving enough here to look forward to the album.