Backstage on DCUfm: Playlist and Video 01/03/2012

Great to be back on DCU after three months! Mental to think that it has been so long. Thanks to Gavin from Twin Terrace for coming in and playing! I’ve tried something new, hope you like the video!BACKSTAGE

Here’s the playlist:

1. Jennifer Lopez: Papa (It’s the DJ Kue Instrumental)

2. Wonder Villains: Ferrari

3. Spector: Chevvy Thunder

4. Willy Moon: I Wanna Be Your Man

5. Paul Weller: That Dangerous Age

6. Senekah: Human Relations

7. Chat with Gavin from Twin Terrace including

8. Twin Terrace: I Thought I’d Leave With You (Live)

9. Twin Terrace: You Belong

10. Twin Terrace: You Keep Coming Back

11. Born Blonde: I Just Wanna Be

12. Niki and The Dove: DJ Ease My Mind

13. Badlands: Never Dry Out

That’s it, thanks for listening, enjoy the vid!