Backstage on DCUfm: 22/03/2012

BACKSTAGEIt was just me and the music tonight and I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as I enjoyed playing them. Here’s what I pressed play on..

1. Jennifer Lopez: Papa (It’s the DJ Kue Instrumental)

2. Garbage : Blood for Poppies

3. Breton: Ordnance Survey

4. Alabama 3: Facebook.con

5. The Cast of Cheers: Family (Trophy Boyfriend Remix)

6. Evokateur: Wolf Girl (Gary Numan & Ade Fenton Remix)

7. Plan B: Ill Manors

8. Caan: Every Little Thing

9. Hal: Down To The Valley

10. Dry The River: History Book

11. Dutch Uncles: Fragrant

12. Runway Go: Electric

13. The Plea: Oh Ay Yay

14. Spector: Chevvy Thunder

and just for Ross who also loves Garbage we had a reprise of Blood for Poppies