Autonomous I: EP Review

autonomous iAutonomous I are a five piece from Tipperary who have just released their new EP. Produced by Ken McHugh the EP does it’s best not to pigeon hole the band and also shows how diverse they are.

‘Stand Up and Take it’ starts off sounding like an eighties indie track before a Gossip like rhythm section kicks in. Singer Frah Butler makes the track his own but for this listener the violin which kicks in about 1:10 into the track is immense. More of that please. It’s dark and almost plays in opposition to everything else. I love it. The plucked violin makes a comeback later in the track during a bridge, bringing the track to a higher level.

A dance rhythm and pumping bass introducing ‘Car Activate’. It’s not as in your face as “Stand Up And Take it’ and has serious eighties influences. I’m an eighties kid though, so it’s all good. Backing/effected vocals on this remind this writer of Talking Heads but there are contemporary elements. Autonomous I seem to like dropping all the instruments down to just vocals and bringing them back up again. This is a grower but would have loved an extra kick.

‘Start Again’ sees the band back to a more rock sound and introduces the violin early on. It’s a midtempo rock track with a good bass line and distinctive string sound. This could be what sets Autonomous I apart. If they can reproduce this sound live then they could be on a winner. Mid way through the track layers of vocals are introduced along with a dirty synth sound. Like it!

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