Are you hoble-marching tomorrow? *hobble

I wake up at some stage during the middle of the night and find ‘Are you hoble-marching tomorrow? *hobble’ on gtalk from a friend. Hobble? Well I am on crutches! Marching? At the equality march today in Dublin.

Now I’m not one to throw a rainbow flag around my shoulders and sing from the rooftops about who shares my life. To be honest I don’t really think its anyone’s business.

So my partner and I are together nine years. Ireland is still quite a conservative place I think so a lot of times at family stuff she’s still introduced as ‘Vanessa’s friend’ or ‘a friend of the family’. We don’t mind that, when you’re dealing with an older generation you have to accept some things are different.

We knew pretty early on we were going to be together. Three months in, I was in an accident and nearly died. There was a fire in the flat next door to where I had my little flat, I was asleep in the smoke and got really bad smoke inhalation. Crawling out of the house I managed to take the skin of the side of my hand on, wait for it, a fire extinguisher!

Even though we weren’t long together my gf was the first person I called. I was so messed up she didn’t recognise me when she came to the hospital.

It was later that night that we found out why its so important to have equal rights. I took a reaction to the smoke and developed oedema in my throat. At this stage I couldn’t talk because I had scorched my vocal cords.

My gf had gone home just before I took the reaction, she had been there for something like 13 hours straight.

While the docs decided they were going to knock me out for a few days, putting me on a respirator. It was kinda scary!

I was in resusitation, with my parents but wanted my gf there. The doctors were magic! I managed to whisper and put out a number to call on my mobile, they called my gf and asked if my parents knew who she was. When she did arrive, one of the doctors distracted my parents so we could have time. I calmed down and didn’t have to go on that respirator 🙂

When I got out of hospital we wondered if I had to be unconscious what would have happened? Would gf be allowed in whenever she wanted?

Later into our relationship this was a question that bugged us a bit. What would happen? If something happened either of us, would the other be allowed make decisions? I love both our families but you never know how some people react in certain situations.

We have a happy little life, we do our own thing and support each other in whatever we do or want to do.

I can understand why some people say ‘No this is wrong’ or it shouldn’t be legal. But are we or anyone else aren’t hurting anyone? No.

Who says we shouldn’t be able to adopt if we wanted or be a legal guardian to the others birthchild.

No one is asking for some magical mystery potion that will let the ‘gays’ rule the world. We just want to do the same boring everyday life things that everyone else does – just without the drama!

Today’s march – Sunday 9th August 2009 from 1.30pm, Dublin City Hall, Dame Street

Here’s a little video to promote the event:
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…nessy out!