Are ye lounging it?

Discharge LoungeI’m in the discharge lounge. I’ve been wanting this day since last Thursday week. Actually I didn’t even know this place existed.

This morning at 750 the nice doctor told me I could go home. After 12 days in they have told me that it looks like the old DVT was what causing the problem.

I had some tests for lupus on Friday but the results haven’t come back yet. Seemingly the GP can get those for me.

Its nice here, coffee and tea flowing, nice big comfy chairs, it could be the hospital’s way of making sure you give the place two thumbs up.

Met some good people in here, the nurses (well the majority) are sound! Alice and Rachel deserve a mention, Gas!! They’re good craic!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent nearly three weeks in this place this summer. The last thing I wanted or needed.

I’m on the crutches 15 weeks tomorrow. All a bit mental. At least I’ve four weeks before college starts back! I’ve to wear these nice support stockings too.. Ooh sexy, need a suspender belt to keep them up!

So long St. James’ hopefully I won’t have to be here again for a loooonng time 🙂

P.S. I think its David Guetta’s fault even more now… maybe I should make a video, ‘Crutch Dancing For Beginners’