Aoife Cleary: Us and The U.S. Review

aoife cleary

Who is Aoife Cleary and why haven’t heard of her before?

Once part of all girl group The Blonde Majority, Aoife is about to release her debut single ‘Us and The U.S.’.

A cracking uptempo electronic rock song, Aoife Cleary has just done her bit to prove female singer songwriters don’t have to be sitting in their bedroom strumming their guitar just ever so gently.

For some reason, Aoife’s voice reminds me slightly of Karen from Cowboy X and being honest, Aoife’s musical style is in roughly the same ballpark.

Production on the track is good, clever guitar riffs, good bassline and harmonies that aren’t overdone, they’re just right. The chorus is catchy and there’s a nice little breakdown just over halfway in the track. Catchy as hell, radio friendly, this track should be all over your transistor soon!