Amy Hanrahan: ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things’ Photographic Exhibition

AmyHanrahanAmy Hanrahan launches her debut solo exhibition at The Copperhouse Gallery this Thursday, January 10th at 1800. Amy was the winner of the 2012 Fire Propeller Award and I spoke to her on Culture Cafe just after she won the award.

The exhibition focuses on the family unit and how members interact with each other in their own tribe. I remember asking Amy is this was her own family, at the time, she said that they were her boyfriend’s family although it seems more images have been added to the set during her residency at Fire so maybe her own family have crept in now.

Amy’s photographs are quite atmospheric and timeless, the only giveaway being some of the clothes her subjects wear and small little things. The exhibition runs until February 1st 2013.

© Amy Hanrahan - Thirteen

Images Copyright Amy Hanrahan.