Ah Begorrah! Paddy’s Day How are you?

shamrockI was going to do mixtape type thing on the blog for all our friends around the world but I kept adding an enormous number of tracks to the list and was leaving lots out that should have been in. I’m not hugely into turning everything green as as we celebrate Paddy not Patty but here are some of my favourite Irish tracks EVER!

1. The Four of Us: Drag My Bad Name Down

This track was taken from The Four of Us’ debut ‘Songs for the Tempted’ in 1989. Love this track and it always reminds me of secondary school.

2. Eleanor McEvoy: Precious Little

This is a strange one. A Woman’s Heart was so all over the radio and, well, everywhere really during the early to mid nineties so I naturally managed to block it out. Really it was only when working as a sound engineer in a production house that I found out how good Ms McEvoy’s music was. The album I was working on at the time was Snapshots. I quickly went and bought her previous album ‘What’s Following Me’ and this track became almost an anthem for me at the time. I still love this track and our friend Helen makes an appearance in the video at 1.38.

3. Turn: Beretta

There’s no way I could exclude a Kells band from this line up. When I was in school Ollie Cole was always the cool nerdy guy with the guitar, he still kinda is. Little Palace were ooh so close to getting in here but they’ll make another list.

4. Carosel: Star

I don’t know what it is about Carosel. I just bloody love them and over the past two or three years have been consistently one of my favourite bands.

5. The Minutes: Fleetwood

Love The Minutes, love the song, really good blokes and Shane is one of my cat’s favourite people. Choon!