202s: Who Cares About Sunshine ? Review


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Formed in 2007 and already signed in France to Le Son Du Maquis, 202s take us on a luscious journey with their single ‘Who Cares about Sunshine?’. I haven’t heard ‘Oohh la la la’ sound so good in a song in a long time.

A laidback understated track, it features the ducet tones of Carly Sings and if the song was a visual format it would be reminiscent of lomography of the late 60s early 70s.

Track 2 on this promo is what blows me away, ‘A Quoi Bon Le Soleil’, a French version of the song sounds like this is how it should always be sung. C’est magnifique!

It should be interesting to see if our multicultured little nation actually gives the version en Francais a play or two on the radio. It deserves it.


5 out of 6