2016 // 100 Days to Change


It’s New Year’s Eve, a good time to reflect and make plans for the upcoming year. 2015 was good, nay, great in some ways. Ireland made history and got equal marriage and my new niece Charlee was born. Good things, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We're here for this?But 2015 has also made me think. It’s time we all took a step back and actually thought about us for a change. How we are, the mental stupid running around we do. We should be concentrating on enjoying life, doing things to better ourselves, doing things we enjoy rather than living a complete humdrum existence.

We all have to pay our way in this world and yes, money helps – a lot. But many of us spend up at least an hour each way commuting to work, that’s 10 hours a week. That approx 480 hours a year. Is there anything we can do to benefit us in that time or change our lifestyles so we gain that time back?

2016 is a year where we MUST treat the little rock that is our home better than we have been. Recycling, conserving energy, things people have been speaking about for years but still our planet is in a mess. We need to change and not be selfish. It’s the kids in 80 years time that we need to think about.

I’ve heard productivity experts say that if you want to change and are serious about it, an accountability buddy is the way to go, someone who will ask what you’ve done to achieve your goal this week. To be honest, I really don’t want to lumber any friend with hassling me about my guitar practice or other goals. Of course, there are friends I chat to about goals and plans, different people for different things. What I want to do though in 2016, is to ensure that everyday I do something to benefit me in some way, whether it be losing a few pound, doing a software tutorial, do some volunteering, actually playing guitar, you get the idea. I have to do something everyday.

You need to do something 21 times before it becomes a habit, so this will enable me to make the most of my evenings and out of work time for the better. There’s more to life than a boring 9 to 5 existence. It’s up to us to make a change, if we make a change in us, it hopefully will rub off on those around us.

I’m going to try and tell you everyday in a short post, what I’ve done and by Day 100, hopefully will have changed my habits and myself, for the better.

Happy New Year, here goes nothing!

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