2012: Film Review

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Being snowed in for a third week here in Ireland is something I cant remember happening before, so watching an Armageddon type end of world disaster movie, may not be the brightest of ideas.

Directed by Roland Emmerich, 2012 in set in a world where Danny Glover in President of the USA, wonder what Riggs would have thought of that.

The similarity between real world personalities and movies characters is sometimes too apparent, The Russian premier with his bushy eyebrows, the Angel Merkel type German leader but this also gives the film a little more depth as we know these people, so maybe it could happen.

What could happen? Well the Mayans think that the end of the world will be on December 22 2012, the film follows author/chauffeur Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who brings his kids camping to Yellowstone Park. Here they wander into a hot zone and meet Charlie played by Woody Harrelson, who despite his small role is amazing as the mad man. The family are promptly escorted from the park by the US Military who along with some Intelligent science types who are studying the Earth Crust Displacement theory.

I could go on line by line through the story but that would be wrong, the story line is pretty much will they die, won’t they die? Will he get the girl or won’t he get the girl? But that’s the story line.

2012 is visually amazing, at times there is so much going on and detail to see you don’t know exactly where to focus your attention. The detail in the CGI is a little mind blowing, the scene were Los Angeles crumbles especially made me go WOW!

It’s a good evenings watch, despite the story line but how else would a disaster movie go. It’s the special effects and CGI that make it.

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