12 Weeks and Counting…

Give me 5 just five minutes to feel sorry for myself..

On the sticks twelve weeks today – the whole summer. What exactly have I done, sat on the couch watched the French Open, watched Wimbledon, watched the Tour de France. Did I mention I sat on the couch? With the leg up!

I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do this summer, make videos and stuff, ah well what can you do?

I thought that this week I might be able to throw one of the crutches away and just be down to using one but that’s not going to happen, partly David Guetta’s fault, partly me having to dance to David Guetta.

Took a walk to college this morning, it’s the nearest bank and being honest, felt like it was the longest walk I had ever taken. Bloody hard work!

My aim is to be off the sticks, hopefully, by the time college starts up again. Breaking my leg seems like it would have been easier.

It’s annoying that I don’t know what definitely cause the DVT. But thinking back to when I was in Paris at Easter I remember saying that I had a pain in my leg, This was in April, my leg didn’t get really sore until May 8th.

Deep Vein Thrombosis! I hate you!