100 Days to Change // Days 18 – 31


It can be hard to keep this updated all the time, especially if you’re actually trying to do stuff every day. Here’s a recap:

I went to the first module of the Music Managers Forum Music Publishing nights. The first night was great, lots to take in and I left there buzzing. There was lots of technical ins-and-outs about publishing and over the rest of the nights we will delve into these a bit deeper. Can’t wait for the next one on February 8th.

Last week’s radio show went down really well. I recorded the show with Goldenplec writer, Tara Joshi via Skype and was really happy after the broadcast when people mentioned online that they thought we were in the same studio, not chatting via Skype. Score! The entire show was dedicated to Goldenplec‘s Plec Picks for 2016.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Johnny Ward last week for this week’s show. He’s such an inspiration, travelling and running a business from this laptop. Mega impressed, delighted I could chat to him.

I also had a bit of a brainwave last weekend. I thought it was good idea so I bought some domain names. Over the next week or two I will be able to get things up and running and hopefully, it will help the Irish music community in London and then later the UK. That will give me something solid to get my teeth into.

The longer I think about things, the more I believe that you have to give things a go, you have to try, even if you fail. You have to strive for something more than what this world just hands you, you have to fight for what you want, the only barriers are the ones you give yourself.

This week I had to overcome a dodgy back, thanks to new chairs at work. We’ve had them for a while and my shoulder had been a bit sore but I didn’t put it down to chairs. Doing nothing, just sitting in my chair on Monday afternoon, my back gradually got sorer and sorer until it was tighten up. Yay for having to lie flat on my bed for a couple of evenings once I get home!

That made this week almost a write off. However, yesterday I did manage to get up, go for a nice walk to Lewisham, go to Brixton Academy and interview Wyvern Lingo for next week’s episode of The London Ear.The ladies are opening for Hozier on his UK tour. Really nice people, I enjoyed our chat and thanks to their Tour Manager Anne for all her help.

On Wednesday I also went to Rigtrain‘s Pitching Tips for Radiomakers. It was good but in the UK if you pitch an idea to the BBC, the majority of times you need to go through an approved Indie production company. Now, call me thick, but if a production company was going to pitch your idea to the BBC, I don’t think you’d be going into a room with the Commissioning Editor of BBC Radio 4 on your own. I reckon there would be at least one week’s prep. Am I wrong?

So today is the last day of January, I’m glad to see the back of it to be honest. The past few days have been colder again so hopefully a new month and longer evenings will lead to less hibernation.

Nessy out!