100 Days to Change // Day 32 – 59



100 Days to Change // Day 32 – 59 // Feb 1 – 27 2016

I kinda realised somewhere along the way that if I was actually trying to do stuff properly that I probably wouldn’t be able to keep updating this every day. But, even though I haven’t updated this, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been a busy bee.

As I write this, the temperature today was 6 degrees so even though there might be a few green shoots on the trees it’s still winter. It’s too cold for me. Hats, scarves and frost covered cars seem to have dominated more for the past week than all of winter so far. The seasons are shifting, winter is starting later and going on later.

Even though this makes me want to go hibernate, I have been putting a decent amount of effort into changing things, and doing things to make that happen.

I’ve been continuing doing the modules in Music Publishing from the Music Managers Forum. Lots of information, sometimes nearly too much to take in at once. I’ve registered for a day course next week which has been described as ‘a three year degree in one day’. I’ll need my sleep the night before!

I also was at February’s RIG Train night which was entitled ‘Loving the sound of Breaking Glass’. I really enjoyed it. One of the best of their nights I’ve been to in a while. It was basically all based around sound and how it can be cleverly used in radio, in tandem with foley sounds, library music and when scripting.

There was one part of the night which was delivered by Mat McKinley of Hotwiredmusic.co.uk . I love how upbeat and motivating he was when speaking about making your own music (even if you don’t know much about music). Biggest thing really to remember is that you’re being creative, nothing can be wrong. Mat runs some courses and things. Definitely going to investigate more about doing them. You’ll be buzzing after listening to the man.

Other things that have been taking up some of my time are writing and voicing some pieces for The Irish Times, which is pretty cool. I’ve never really thought of myself as political, I just believe that everyone is equal. Everyone should be given the same opportunities and chances. You look after those less fortunate, make sure everyone has a bed to sleep in, a school to be educated in, a hospital to get better in and hopefully, let them know that someone loves them. There’s a lot of religions actually based on less. If I can raise awareness about matters I feel are important at home and for emigrants abroad who would like to eventually move home, I’m glad I can. Thanks to The Irish Times and Generation Emigration for giving me a platform.

The biggest thing for me has been working on a new London based website which I hope to launch next week. It could actually be done by tomorrow evening. Once it’s done, I’ll let you know. Once I get that up and running I hope to launch a UK version of the same site. I’m looking forward to seeing if it will all work. I think it can, I just need to remember that it will be a bit of work for a while.

If it works, it would be a big step towards a lifestyle change, which is really what we all want. Anytime I feel like I need a little inspiration, I think of what Johnny Ward, (onestep4ward) has done and I say, I want that!