The Minutes stream new track ‘Cherry Bomb’

nessy February 24, 2014 Music


After what seems like eons, The Minutes have finally revealed the first track from their second album ‘Live Well, Change Often’ which will come out on Model Citizen records in May this year.

The trio have lost none of their loud rock n roll tendencies but Cherry Bomb seems more refined that the music from their debut ‘Marcata’ and dare I say, there seems like there’s a nod to the glam rock era in there. Me likes?

Have a listen below or on Soundcloud if you’re on a mobile device.

So, what ye think?

Photo from Facebook © Rich Gilligan



  • DazzaMazza

    Not sure about this. I loved their first album but the vocals seem overproduced here to the point where the lead singers voice almost sounds feminine (which its not!!). Tune is great BUT I would be worried that the vocal style here will continue through the album.