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Stop following President Trump

Twitter // Are you following @POTUS? Did you mean to?

Inauguration Day, 20th January 2017 I had been following Barack Obama on his personal @BarackObama account on Twitter and also on POTUS account. After the 45th President, Donald Trump was sworn in, the 44th President’s tweets were archived to @POTUS44. [...]

January 22, 2017 Social Media / Technology / The Internet

One Year On // #MarRefMemories // I went #HometoVote

May 22 2015. It’s some ridiculously early time. I’m slightly wrecked as I had stayed up a little later than I intended. I was writing this. Now, a little more than 6 hours later, myself and Tahlula were up, showered [...]

May 22, 2016 Living

100 Days to Change // Day 1

January 1 2016 – Happy New Year! The day didn’t get off to the best start to be honest. I’ve had a horrible cold for a few days, which seemed to keep me awake for ages, meaning I slept ’til [...]

January 2, 2016 Living

Garbage’s Shirley Manson goes nuts on Twitter – at me!

First off, if I find that the official Garbage twitter account was hacked tonight, I will retract this. But, as it stands here’s what happened. I have loved Garbage for a hell of a long time. I have every album [...]

November 27, 2012 Music
#twitterxmassingle hits number 1 on iTunes Chart

#twitterxmassingle hits number 1 on iTunes Chart

So last Sunday, I went to the Westin Hotel in Dublin along with another 140 people and took part in a sing song for charity. Organized by Brenda Drumm we all recorded ‘Winter Song’ originally done by Sara Bareilles and [...]

December 4, 2011 Living, Music
It’s Miller Time! – The New Social Media Hub

It’s Miller Time! – The New Social Media Hub

Last week I was asked if I would be into testing out a new Miller website, Basically what Miller have done is come up with a hub that intergrates with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, allowing the user to pre-check into [...]

July 10, 2011 Social Media / Technology / The Internet