The London Ear with Nessy // Show 171



The London Ear with Nessy // Show 171

Hello hello hello! I’ve got an hour of freshest new music for you. See I’m down with da kidz. On The London Ear this week, I’ve got new music from The Eskies, Trick Mist and, I have to say, I adore Ham Sandiwich’s new one ‘Bodies’.

Also, I’m bad, today is my godson Cian’s birthday and I didn’t give him a shout out. Happy Birthday Cian!!

The London Ear with Nessy // Show 171 // November 18 2017

Here’s the playlist for today’s show:

1. The Eskies: I’m not sorry
2. Nocturnes: Humans
3. Heavy Soda: Elephant
4. Hayes & Y: Always so Simple, Always So Cold
5. Penrose: Better Man
6. Picturehouse: Somebody Somewhere
7. Ivan Nicholas: Moving On
8. Trick Mist: Fraction (Phare Remix)
9. Wyvern Lingo: Out of my Hands – Ringsend Road Sessions
10. Peco: Self Harm – A Beginner’s Guide
11. HamsandwicH: Bodies
12. Sinead Harnett: Unconditional
13. Conor Mason: Grounds to Fall
14. Childhood: Too Old for My Tears
15. Rews: Your Tears

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The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 50 // Sep 23 2014


I have to say I really enjoyed today’s show with Like Swimming and Kate’s Party, I had great fun, hope you enjoyed it too.

1. The London Ear Intro
2. George The Poet: 1,2,1,2
3. Bipolar Sunshine: Future (Part 1) featuring Goldlink
4. Like Swimming: Go Buffalo
5. Chat with Like Swimming (Part 1)
6. Like Swimming: Let Go
7. Chat with Like Swimming (Part 2)
8. Like Swimming: Among a Thousand Desperate Minds
9. Chat with Like Swimming (Part 3)
10. Like Swimming: A Room For Her Own
11. Stevie G feat Christina Underwood: Deep Down South
12. Kate’s Party: Welcome to Seahaven
13. Chat with Kate’s Party
14. Kate’s Party: Bike for Three (acoustic)
15. Chat with Kate’s Party
16. Kate’s Party: Hellenbad
17. The Eskies: Jesus Don’t Save Me

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The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 50 // Like Swimming // Kate’s Party // Sep 23 2014 by Nessy on Mixcloud

Like Swimming pic from here

Kate’s Party pic from here