The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 162

The London Ear RTE 2XM nessymon

The London Ear RTE 2XM nessymon

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 162

Seeing as I was back in Ireland last week and spent most of the week preparing for next week’s show, (it’s a biggie) I decided that this week’s episode of The London Ear would feature some of the great music around right now.

So hear ye go, here’s show 162 of The London Ear, oh yeah.. my guest on next week’s episode of The London Ear is Irish Ambassador to Great Britain, Dan Mulhall. Mr Mulhall is off to Washington in a few weeks to take up the post of Ambassador to the United States. I’m thrilled that he took the time out to chat.

But first…

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 162 August 5 2017

1. Picturehouse: Sunburst
2. Paddy Casey: Turn this Ship Around
3. The Charlatans: Different Days
4. Ape Rising: The Model Prime
5. Cat Lundy: Triggerman
6. Lana Del Ray Feat: The Weeknd: Lust For Life
7. !!!: The One 2
8. Arcade Fire: Everything Now
9. Panda Cult: Blue Angel
10. Fejka: Twilight
11. Franco Fire: Green
12. Superfood: Unstoppable
13. Luiz Bruno: Yeah
14. Lisa Mafia: Wah Gwarn

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My Arthur’s Day Diary 2011

Miles Kane and Nessy
Miles and Me having a laugh
I really wasn’t expecting to be so busy this week. I heard at the beginning of the week that there might be a possibility of doing some interviews for Goldenplec with artists who were over for Arthur’s Day.

As I was free I said I’d be up for anything..turns out I had a ball!

First up on Wednesday I interviewed The Brilliant Things who recently signed to Universal and this was nothing to do with Arthur’s Day. The band’s debut album is being released on October 7th. I might add I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed a band who laughed quite as much! Hilarious!

From there I headed towards Arthur’s Day HQ, stopping off at the little coffee shop for a little bit of extra research before my scheduled interviews with Bitches With Wolves and BellX1. It was also good to have a chat/bitch with Aidan who runs Goldenplec, we don’t get too many chances.

James from Bitches With Wolves is so adorable, the world needs is a decent popstar and fashion icon who isn’t Lady Gaga.. I vote James in! Lovely guy with great hair and he gives great hugz. Continue reading “My Arthur’s Day Diary 2011”