The Radical Eye at Tate Modern // Review

The Radical Eye - Tate Modern

The Radical Eye - Tate Modern

The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection

On the very first page of Susan Sontag’s book, ‘On Photography’, she says ‘To collect photography is to collect the world.’ That’s exactly what The Radical Eye is.

Taken down from the walls of his home, The Radical Eye exhibition has been curated from the collection of Sir Elton John. These photographs hang in the same frames here at the Tate Modern as they do in Sir Elton’s Atlanta base.

Since 1989, the music legend has built up a fantastic collection of photographs from the golden age of modernist photography. This was from the 1920s/50s, a time of experimentation, a time where these photographers wrote the rule book for what we now know.

From the image of Man Ray’s ‘Glass Tears’, which has been used to promote the exhibition, to Dorothea Lange’s ‘Migrant Mother’, these are world known images and I felt like a kid in a candy store, wandering through the exhibition.

Before Instagram, before being able to take a photograph on your phone, these were the pioneers. Film was expensive, developing film was pain stakingly slow in today’s terms. Each frame set up was a deliberate click, not a series of random clicks until you get the one that works. The results these photographers were able to achieve with their knowledge of their equipment and media is staggering.

Curator, Shoair Mavlian has done a fantastic job choosing from Sir Elton’s 8000 piece collection, one of the biggest private collections in the world.

It runs until May 21 2017. Go see it! Who knows when you’ll ever get a chance to see all these masterpieces together in one place again. That is of course, unless Sir Elton invites you over for a cuppa.

You can see some of the images here but you know what? Go see it, the vintage prints look better in real life than on a computer screen.

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I Remember That Summer In London

i remember that summer in London - nessymon

i remember that summer in London - nessymon

Three months into 2017 and I’m still not sure what this year holds, where I’ll end up or what I’ll be doing. Most people when they say they’re unsure have some sort of a vague idea what path they’re following. But, honestly, at this point, I have no idea.

Saying that, the next couple of months will definitely decide if myself and Talulah are going to stick around London for another while or head off to pastures new.

I’ve worked out that there’s about 26 weeks between now and the end of August. So we’ve come up with a list of things we really should do / go to / visit before then. I guess, a bucket list of sorts.

2017: Making a summer to remember

The idea is to try and do one thing at least every weekend. And I’ll write about our experiences.

I’ve already shown this to some friends and extra things have been added. If you think there’s something else we should do, let us know. Every time, we do something on the list, I’ll add a link to the blog post about it.

London 2017 – The Ultimate Summer

Princess Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace
Kew Gardens
Victoria & Albert Museum
Natural History Museum
Wallace Museum
Baseball in Finsbury Park
City of London Museum
Thames Barrier
National Gallery
London Eye
Sky Garden
British Museum
Portobello Road Market
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral
British Museum
British Library
Carol King Musical in the West End
Book of Mormon in the West End
Les Mis in the West End
Science Museum
Tate Britain
Tate Modern – The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection
Houses of Parliament
London Lions basketball game
A football match / Premier League or First Division
Take the Woolwich Ferry
Take a cable car ride at the O2

We have done / visited some of these things before, I just haven’t written about them. We may add to the list and there are some that we might’nt do at all. Either way, we’re gonna to share it all.

So I Took a Few Days Off Last Week…

Beefeaters at Buckingham PalaceFor the first time in ages, I managed to get a few days off with a valid passport, no ash cloud, I headed to London.

Nothing too much was planned, took a trip to the BBC Television Centre, spent a few hours in the Tate Modern and chilled by the Lock in Camden.

On Friday night, I decided to go to Green Park and maybe take a few photos of Buckingham Palace in the dark, which I’ve never done. As I go to the bottom of Constitution Hill, it started to rain. Outside the Palace, the Beefeaters with their furry hats hurried into their little huts and looked like collectible figurines, still in their packets.  Continue reading “So I Took a Few Days Off Last Week…”