Playlist // Wanderlust – Songs of Places and Travel

Wanderlust - Songs of Travel and Places

Wanderlust - Songs of Travel and Places

Inspired by my chat on The London Ear with Katie and Luke from The Ungraceful Guide, my Mum and Dad going to Australia for the first time and generally being envious of some friends who are currently travelling in different parts of the world, I decided I’d put this playlist together.

Playlist // Wanderlus – Songs of Places and Travel

So here we are, may I present Wanderlust – Songs of Places and Travel

1. Bjork: Wanderlust
2. Four Tet: SW9 9SL
3. St Vincent: New York
4. The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset
5. Iggy Pop: The Passenger
6. Ocean Colour Scene: The Day We Caught The Train
7. Manic Street Preachers: Australia
8. Hole: Malibu
9. Frank Sinatra: Come Fly With Me
10. Johnny Cash: Tennessee
11. The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of This Place
12. Scott McKenzie: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
13. Razorlight: America
14. The B-52s: Roam
15. Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street
16. Luke Kelly: Dublin In The Rare Auld Times
17. Toto: Africa
18. Friendly Fires: Paris
19: Daft Punk: Around The World
20. Catfish and The Bottlemen: Glasgow
21. Ringo Starr: Liverpool 8
22. Kirsty MacColl: A New England
23. Heather Nova: London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)
24. The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin
25. Tom Waits: Jersey Girl
26. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run
27. Runrig: Canada
28. Dionne Warwick: Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
29. Duran Duran: Rio
30. Alphaville: Big Japan
31. James Taylor: Mexico
32. Declan McKenna: Brazil
33. Willie Nelson: On The Road Again
34. Duane Eddy: Deep in The Heart of Texas
35. Simon & Garfunkel: Homeward Bound
36. Fat Freddy’s Drop: Russia
37: Public Image Ltd: Seattle
38. Grateful Dead: France
39. Phantom Planet: California (Tchad Blake Mix)
40. Tori Amos: China
41. Peter, Paul and Mary: Leaving on a Jet Plane
42. Mark Lanegan: St Louis Elegy
43. Wilco: Impossible Germany
44. Frank Black: Los Angeles
45. John Denver: Rocky Mountain High
46. Sophie B Hawkins: California Here I Come
47. Estrella Morento: Cuba – Cali – Con Alain Pérez
48. Radiohead: The Tourist
49. Sara Bareilles: Vegas
50. Johnny Cash: I’ve Been Everywhere
51. Chuck Berry: Route 66
52. Kiss: Detroit Rock City
53: Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama
54. Grateful Dead: Truckin
55. Roger Miller: King of The Road
56. Eagles: Hotel California
57. Beastie Boys: No Sleep Til Brooklyn
58. The Prodigy/Sleaford Mods: Ibiza
59. The Proclaimers: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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Playlist // Quench Your Thirst

Quench Your Thirst - nessymon

Quench Your Thirst - nessymon

Playlist // Quench Your Thirst

Recently, Limerick’s Rusangano Family released a single ‘Tea in a Pot’. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m pretty serious about my tea. Although the aforementioned song mentions Barry’s, I’m a lifelong Lyons tea drinker. Seeing as they’re not available in the UK, I’ve become a master at the art of importing the very best Lyons Gold Blend. For personal consumption, I might add.

Just as I was wondering what theme I would base a new Spotify playlist around, I had an answer. Beverages. So sit down, grab a a big mug / glass / drinking receptacle with your fave and Quench Your Thirst.

Quench Your Thirst // Tracklisting

Get ready to kick back….

1. The Champs: The Champs
2. Rusangano Family: Tea in a Pot
3. Kelis: Milkshake
4. Jungle: Lemonade Lake
5. All Saints: Black Coffee
6. Dr Feelgood: Milk and Alcohol
7. Supergrass: Coffee in the Pot
8. Otis Redding: Cigarettes and Coffee
9. Willie Nelson: Whiskey River
10. Bear’s Den: Coffee
11. Edwin Birdsong : Cola Bottle Baby
12. The Wombats: Pink Lemonade
13. The Fratellis: Whisky Saga
14. The Doors: Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
15. Whiskey, Beer & Wine: Buddy Guy
16: Lilac Wine: Nina Simone
17. Blur: Coffee and TV
18. elephants and castles: Red Lemonade
19. Paul Weller: There’s no drinking, After You’re Dead
20. Christy Moore: Smoke and Strong Whiskey
21. Eagles: Tequila Sunrise
22. Bob Dylan: One More Cup of Coffee
23. Dinah Washington: Drinking Again
24: Thin Lizzy: Whiskey in the Jar
25. The Pogues: Streams of Whiskey
26. The Clancy Brothers: Beer, Beer, Beer
26. Oasis: Champagne Supernova
27. Maximo Park: Drinking Martinis
28. Kings of Leon: Milk
29. Jaimi Faulkner: Early Morning Coffee Cups
30. The Police: Tea in the Sahara
31. Nick Cave: Opium Tea
32. Drinking in L.A. : Bran Van 3000
33. Black Grape: Whiskey, Wine and Ham
34. Cypress Hill, Barron Ricks: Tequila Sunrise
35. Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Drunk in Love
36. Terrorvision and Mint Royale: Tequila
37. Fall Out Boy: (Coffee’s for Closers)
38. Skunk Anansie: Milk is my Sugar
39. Nirvana: Pennyroyal Tea
40. Frank Turner: A Decent Cup of Tea
41. Yusuf / Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman
42. John Lee Hooker: Whiskey and Wimmen
43. Hank Williams Jr: Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
44. Lana Del Ray: Cola
45. Skylar Grey: Lemonade
46. Jessie Ware: Champagne Kisses
47. The Clancy Brothers: Whiskey You’re The Divil
48. AC DC: Whiskey on the Rocks
49. Billy Idol: Whiskey and Pills
50. Supergrass: Whiskey and Green Tea
51. Carrie Underwood: Wine After Whiskey
52. Darius Rucker: Whiskey and You
53. Brad Paisley: Whiskey Lullaby
54. Zac Brown Band: Whiskey’s Gone
55. Brooks Jefferson: Two Pina Colladas
56. B*Witched: Champagne or Guinness
57. Robbie Williams: Tea & Sympathy
58. McFly: Cherry Cola
59. Mic Lowry: Whiskey Kisses
60. Example: Whisky Story
61. Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah: Drinking From the Bottle

Listen to Quench your Thirst

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Playlist // Requiem for the Red Cow Roundabout

Requiem for the Red Cow Roundabout - nessymon

Requiem for the Red Cow Roundabout - nessymon

I was in Ireland last week. Myself and Talulah got a coach from Dublin airport to Dundrum, extremely convenient for us and they go every 30 minutes. We got on a coach at the airport and before we had even moved, we were asked to change to another vehicle.

A little while later we set off southbound from the airport, down the M50. First stop was the Red Cow Roundabout which seeing as we were the only ones on the coach, should have been a standard pick up and onward scenario. But, no siree. That did not happen.

We were asked to change to yet another There was a problem with a door, the driver could not open the door. It required a bit of a kick and a good hard shoulder to give us freedom.

Now, we had been delighted to get a slightly earlier coach than anticipated but messing around with a door and a driver refusing to budge and waiting on a mechanic that never arrived, meant that we had ended up waiting at the Red Cow for longer than we expected. Long enough to get the coach 30 minutes later to bring us to our destination.

This is longer than I ever expected in my lifetime to spend at the Red Cow. Literally. You go through it or perhaps wait a maximum of ten minutes for a Luas (Dublin tram) but that’s it.

So here we are, a requiem to that fine day, wishing I had a car and spending way too long at The Red Cow roundabout.

Playlist // Requiem for the Red Cow Roundabout

Vroom Vroom Beep Beep!

1. Magic Roundabout TV Theme
2. Sugababes: Round Round
3. Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere
4. Gary Numan: Cars
5. Cyndi Lauper: I Drove All Night
6. Ariel Pink: Round and Round
7. Rose Royce: Car Wash
8. Oh Wonder: Drive
9. Supergrass: Road To Rouen
10. Tom Cochrane: Life is a Highway
11. Incubus: Drive
12. Tracy Chapman: Fast Car
13. Simon and Garfunkel: Baby Driver
14. Gold Panda: In my Car
15. The Wonder Stuff: The Size of a Cow
16. Yes: Roundabout
17. The Beatles: Drive My Car
18. Dead or Alive: You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
19. XTC: English Roundabout
20. Enigma: The Roundabout
21. Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Round and Round (It Won’t Be Long)
22. Arcade Fire: Keep The Care Running
23. Van Morrison: Who Drove the Red Sports Car?
24. R.E.M.: Drive
25. Prefab Sprout: Cars and Girls
26. Ryley Walker: The Roundabout
27. Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way
28. Stereophonics: Traffic
29. The Who: Magic Bus
30. Jimi Hendrix: Crosstown Traffic
31. Sing Street: Drive It Like You Stole It
32. Kraftwerk: Autobahn
33. Kanye West, GLC, Paul Wall: Drive Slow
34. Miley Cyrus: Drive
35. The Band: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
36. George Michael: Cars and Trains
37. Inspiral Carpets: Theme from Cow
38. Fatback Band: Are You Ready (Do The Bus stop) / Suga
39. Rihanna: Shut Up and Drive
40. Duke Dumont: Ocean Drive
41. Scooter: Behind the Cow
42. Elton John: Circle of Life
43. Andrew Holdsworth: The Wheels on the bus

So there you go, fasten your seat belts and you’re off!

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Playlist // Songs for a Nuclear War

Songs for a Nuclear War - nessymon

Songs for a Nuclear War - nessymon

As I write this, the world’s two biggest babies are having a boo boo and shouting ‘My button’s bigger than yours’ at each other.

So while we look at the back of the cupboards for our potassium iodine tablets that went out of date in the 1980’s, I thought I’d spend my time helping mankind, by putting a Spotify playlist together of some music to keep you company during the impending nuclear war.

Playlist // Songs for a Nuclear War

Here we go:

1. Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction
2. Bob Dylan: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
3. The The: Armageddon Days
4. Duran Duran: Planet Earth
5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Two Tribes
6. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Enola Gay
7. Bell X1: The End is Nigh
8. Kraftwerk: Radioactivity
9. Nena: 99 Luftballoons
10. Pink Floyd: Two Suns in the Sunset
11. Radiohead: 4 Minute Warning
12. Queen: Hammer to Fall
13. Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes to Midnight
14. The Postal Service: We Will Become Silhouettes
15. Yo La Tengo: Nuclear War – Version 2
16. Bob Dylan: Talkin’ World War III Blues
17. U2: Until The End of The World
18. The Byrds: I Come and Stand at Every Door
19. William Onyeabor: Atomic Bomb
20. Cigarettes After Sex: Apocalypse
21. Blondie: Atomic
22. Gang of Four: I Found That Essence Rare
23. R.E.M.: It’s The End of The World As We Know It
24. Bobbie Gentry: Come Away Melinda
25. Alphaville: Forever Young
26. The Clash: London Calling
27. Suede: Stay Together
28. Steely Dan: King of The World
29. Donovan: The War Drags On
30. Kate Bush: Breathing
31. Sheldon Allman: Radioactive Mama
32. Timbuk 3: The Future’s so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
33. Pete Seegar: Talking Atom (Old Man Atom)
34. The Louvin Brothers: The Great Atomic Power
35. Bob Dylan: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
36. Moving Hearts: Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette
37. David Bowie: Bombers

So there ye go, now all you need to do is stock up on tins of baked beans and spam. If nothing else, at least it’s not zombies.

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Tune of the Week // Fejká feat. Hildur – Twilight

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Every now and again, you click play and magic happens. It just so happened that I was skimming through some emails and this was buried within them. It was love at first listen.

Tune of the Week – Fejká featuring Hildur – Twilight

From the opening second of Twilight, you get the feeling that this track is something special. Understated, dreamlike, delicate and ethereal, the beat slowly builds and takes you to a happy space. This is a track to get lost in, a track to lose yourself, or even find yourself.

Fejká is a 21 year old producer who is studying audiovisual media in university. Twilight is the title track from his debut EP and has been released on Christian Löffler’s Ki record label.

Knowing that this is a debut release, makes it all the more special. This is a first step for Fejká, an exciting first step. Remember where you heard his name first.

You can follow Fejká on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Listen to Twilight

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Photo from here: by Tobi Siebrecht.

Spotify Playlists

spotify Playlists nessymon

spotify Playlists nessymon

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