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Culture Café #8 // Conal Morrison // Director of Borstal Boy at The Gaiety

This post originally appeared on On this week’s podcast I had the pleasure of speaking to Conall Morrison (Centre), director of Brendan Behan’s Borstal Boy which has a run in The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin. When I asked Conall if [...]

September 10, 2014 Culture Café Podcast

Culture Café #7 //Scott De Buitléir // Founder of

Firstly, I have to apologise. I should have had this podcast online last week. Work was a bit mental and I was wrecked so apologies to this week’s guest Scott De Buitléir. So, who is Scott De Buitléir? Scott is [...]

August 25, 2014 Culture Café Podcast

Culture Café #6 // Mattia Bicchi // Photographer

Mattia Bicchi is a London based Italian photographer, who just happens to specialise in hyperlapses. It’s strange how we find out about people and their work. I was working one day and saw a video of Mattia’s on a colleague’s [...]

August 10, 2014 Culture Café Podcast

Isabelle Pateer // Photographer // Episode 4

This week, I decided to speak to Isabelle Pateer, who I had previously spoken to briefly when Culture Café was a radio programme on RTÉ 2XM. Isabelle lives in Antwerp and was chosen as a finalist in this year’s Atkins CIWEM [...]

July 14, 2014 Culture Café Podcast

Culture Café – Now in Podcast Format!

Remember way back in days of yore when I used to have a radio show called Culture Café ? It was a music arts and culture show which started life on DCUfm. It later moved home to be broadcast on [...]

July 6, 2014 Radio and Podcasts

Culture Café // Episode 2 // David Gilna

For Episode 2 of Culturé Cafe, I wanted to speak to someone on the rise, someone who is working their way up, getting their name out there, getting places. That person is David Gilna, a London based Irish playwright, actor, [...]

June 23, 2014 Culture Café Podcast