Playlist // Quench Your Thirst

Quench Your Thirst - nessymon

Quench Your Thirst - nessymon

Playlist // Quench Your Thirst

Recently, Limerick’s Rusangano Family released a single ‘Tea in a Pot’. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m pretty serious about my tea. Although the aforementioned song mentions Barry’s, I’m a lifelong Lyons tea drinker. Seeing as they’re not available in the UK, I’ve become a master at the art of importing the very best Lyons Gold Blend. For personal consumption, I might add.

Just as I was wondering what theme I would base a new Spotify playlist around, I had an answer. Beverages. So sit down, grab a a big mug / glass / drinking receptacle with your fave and Quench Your Thirst.

Quench Your Thirst // Tracklisting

Get ready to kick back….

1. The Champs: The Champs
2. Rusangano Family: Tea in a Pot
3. Kelis: Milkshake
4. Jungle: Lemonade Lake
5. All Saints: Black Coffee
6. Dr Feelgood: Milk and Alcohol
7. Supergrass: Coffee in the Pot
8. Otis Redding: Cigarettes and Coffee
9. Willie Nelson: Whiskey River
10. Bear’s Den: Coffee
11. Edwin Birdsong : Cola Bottle Baby
12. The Wombats: Pink Lemonade
13. The Fratellis: Whisky Saga
14. The Doors: Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
15. Whiskey, Beer & Wine: Buddy Guy
16: Lilac Wine: Nina Simone
17. Blur: Coffee and TV
18. elephants and castles: Red Lemonade
19. Paul Weller: There’s no drinking, After You’re Dead
20. Christy Moore: Smoke and Strong Whiskey
21. Eagles: Tequila Sunrise
22. Bob Dylan: One More Cup of Coffee
23. Dinah Washington: Drinking Again
24: Thin Lizzy: Whiskey in the Jar
25. The Pogues: Streams of Whiskey
26. The Clancy Brothers: Beer, Beer, Beer
26. Oasis: Champagne Supernova
27. Maximo Park: Drinking Martinis
28. Kings of Leon: Milk
29. Jaimi Faulkner: Early Morning Coffee Cups
30. The Police: Tea in the Sahara
31. Nick Cave: Opium Tea
32. Drinking in L.A. : Bran Van 3000
33. Black Grape: Whiskey, Wine and Ham
34. Cypress Hill, Barron Ricks: Tequila Sunrise
35. Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Drunk in Love
36. Terrorvision and Mint Royale: Tequila
37. Fall Out Boy: (Coffee’s for Closers)
38. Skunk Anansie: Milk is my Sugar
39. Nirvana: Pennyroyal Tea
40. Frank Turner: A Decent Cup of Tea
41. Yusuf / Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman
42. John Lee Hooker: Whiskey and Wimmen
43. Hank Williams Jr: Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
44. Lana Del Ray: Cola
45. Skylar Grey: Lemonade
46. Jessie Ware: Champagne Kisses
47. The Clancy Brothers: Whiskey You’re The Divil
48. AC DC: Whiskey on the Rocks
49. Billy Idol: Whiskey and Pills
50. Supergrass: Whiskey and Green Tea
51. Carrie Underwood: Wine After Whiskey
52. Darius Rucker: Whiskey and You
53. Brad Paisley: Whiskey Lullaby
54. Zac Brown Band: Whiskey’s Gone
55. Brooks Jefferson: Two Pina Colladas
56. B*Witched: Champagne or Guinness
57. Robbie Williams: Tea & Sympathy
58. McFly: Cherry Cola
59. Mic Lowry: Whiskey Kisses
60. Example: Whisky Story
61. Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah: Drinking From the Bottle

Listen to Quench your Thirst

You can listen to the Quench Your Thirst playlist below or here’s a handy link for you.

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