The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 157

The London Ear RTE 2XM nessymon

The London Ear RTE 2XM nessymon

This week was a really tough one for me. The heat was a killer with temperatures here in London getting up to and over 30°C. It was enough for me and my pasty Irish skin to buy a UV umbrella to try and get away from some of the sunlight. (Just got an idea for another blog post).

What people don’t tell you is that when you’re away on your holibobs, well, that’s lovely. But, when you’re trying to do your daily 9-5 it’s really tiring.

For these reasons, this week I decided to play some songs that remind me of summer, even though they may not have been released in summertime.

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 54 June 24 2017 // Playlist

1. Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth
2. The Doors: Riders on the Storm
3. Santana: Smooth
4. Oasis: Champagne Supernova
5. The 4 of Us: Drag My Bad Name Down
6. The Fat Lady Sings: Arclight
7. Morcheeba: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
8. Faithless: We Come One
9. Pulp: Common People
10. The Cardigans: Erase/Rewind
11. Phantom Planet: California
12. Moloko: The Time is Now

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The London Ear on RTE 2XM Show 32 // Alan McGee // Craig from The Sunshine Underground


The London Ear Show 32 May 5 2014

Really enjoyed this week’s show. I got to speak to Craig from The Sunshine Underground who are just about to release a new album. I also had the absolute honor and priviledge of chatting to one of the people who has influenced British music most over the past twenty odd year, founder of Creation Records, Alan McGee, who is going to speak at YouBloom in Dublin.

Here’s what happened:

1. The London Ear Intro
2. Subgiant: Monsters Incorporated
3. Codes: Astraea
4. Chat with Craig from The Sunshine Underground
5. The Sunshine Underground: Finally We Arrive
6. Ben Khan: Youth
7. Chat with Alan McGee (Part 1)
8. Primal Scream: Loaded
9. Chat with Alan McGee (Part 2)
10. Oasis: Whatever
11. The 1975: Robbers

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The London Ear on RTE 2XM Show 32 // Alan McGee // Craig from The Sunshine Underground by Nessy on Mixcloud

Don’t forget if you’re Irish and in a band based in the UK or touring in the UK, get in touch I’d love to hear from you. I love hearing new music so if you have something you think I’d be into send me a mail nessy @ (Take out the gaps)

Thanks for listening.

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Beady Eye: Bring The Light Review

So the time has come for young Liam Gallagher’s new band Beady EyeBeady Eye, to unleash their wares on the world.

Bring the Light is uptempo with sixties tinges. It’s actually damn catchy with clever piano hooks, hand claps, nice guitar lines and What surprised me most, Liam Gallagher’s vocals. Hand on heart, I was never an Oasis fan but this shows a side I, for one, haven’t seen before.

It’s more rock n’roll and Gallagher’s vocals have been produced with a nice old school vibe. Some nice female backing vocals are also added to the mix, making this quite a surprisingly interesting free download. I like this a hellofalot.

Download it from the band’s website .

Oasis Split

I wouldn’t be a huge Oasis fan, I haven’t seen them live but I did think ‘What’s The Story?’ was a great album but that was 13 years ago!

When I heard last Friday night at a wedding that Noel had issued a statement saying he was out, my reaction wasn’t one of heartbreak.. My friend Linda , had gone to Rock en Seine in Paris and I was hoping that she wouldn’t be too disappointed.

I have seen this video clip used used on a number of occasions, when Michael Jackson died and for a Gaelic football match between Meath and Kerry but this is by far the funniest I think.


Direct Link Here:


…nessy out!

Rob Smith: Throwing It All Away Review

rob smith

When artist asks if you would like to review their album for your blog, it’s a bit of a kick but you also wonder if they are slightly cocky?

Rob Smith has every right to be cocky. ‘Throwing It All Away’ is Rob’s debut and was released in 2008. He wears his influences on his sleeve, The Stone Roses, Oasis, the heros of 90’s Britpop and for a change its nice to see an artist more popular abroad than in his own native land.

The album kicks off with an instrumental track called ‘The Jam’, nice introduction. Recorded and Produced by Colin Whelan, Conor O’Brien and Smith himself, its well recorded and mixed but occasionally the vocal levels could have been higher in the mix.

Smith fits right into the Britpop genre, his voice is actually a nice surprise. ‘Soul Shaker’ seems to melt all Smith’s influences into his own perfect four minutes of swagger. Smith is consistent in his songwriting, with a nice variety of song structures throughout this debut.

Standout tracks would be, along with ‘Soul Shaker’, ‘When Your Feet Were Dancing’. Honourable mention must also go to ‘Lasagne’, a hidden track at the end of the album where Smith shows off his sense of humour. Good ending!

5 out of 6

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