Tune of the Week // Fejká feat. Hildur – Twilight

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Every now and again, you click play and magic happens. It just so happened that I was skimming through some emails and this was buried within them. It was love at first listen.

Tune of the Week – Fejká featuring Hildur – Twilight

From the opening second of Twilight, you get the feeling that this track is something special. Understated, dreamlike, delicate and ethereal, the beat slowly builds and takes you to a happy space. This is a track to get lost in, a track to lose yourself, or even find yourself.

Fejká is a 21 year old producer who is studying audiovisual media in university. Twilight is the title track from his debut EP and has been released on Christian Löffler’s Ki record label.

Knowing that this is a debut release, makes it all the more special. This is a first step for Fejká, an exciting first step. Remember where you heard his name first.

You can follow Fejká on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Listen to Twilight

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Photo from here: by Tobi Siebrecht.

David Guetta! It’s your fault!

Calvin Harris in Marlay
Calvin Harris in Marlay

I’m absolutely wrecked! Every inch of me aches! But it was worth it!

We arrived in Marlay Park at about 3pm yesterday, everyone seemed in good form and there was a good vibe!

Still being on crutches I positioned myself in front of the sound and lighting desks, propped up by the barriers.

Burns was DJing and wasn’t too bad. He was followed by Calvin Harris who was excellent. Having seen his DJ set in The Academy on May 8th (the day my leg went) I wasn’t expecting too much. You can’t compare his live set with his DJ set at all. Really like him. Loads of energy! He bounces around the stage a lot.

Calvin Harris was followed by Fake Blood, not a bad DJ but I was waiting for David Guetta.

Dizzee Rascal followed Fake Blood and the vibe of the day changed slightly. I’m not entirely sure it was fair to put Dizzee on a dance line up. Dizzee is the top HipHop act in the UK at the moment and while he has a couple of upbeat dancey tracks, I don’t think the audience gave back to him what he was giving. Saying that once he changed styles during the set from HipHop to more dance, the track he did with Calvin Harris, his new one ‘Holiday’ and Dirty Cash (originally done by Stevie V circa 1991) went down a treat. And of course ‘Bonkers’ sent the nearly 30000 audience, well, Bonkers!

Superstar DJ Guetta
Superstar DJ Guetta

David Guetta was brilliant! His Funky French house beats are amazing and he seems to have a magic fairy dust over his mixes that make him head and shoulders above other DJs.

He mixed his big hits ‘Love has gone’ and this Summer’s smash with Kelly Rowland, ‘When love takes over’ along with some other staple tunes from his ‘F**k me I’m Famous’ set.

Loved it. He truly is a superstar DJ! He looks it and can really get the crowd going. I defy anyone not to dance when Guetta is on the decks! David Guetta! Its your fault! You are the reason that my crutch reliant self is aching all over!

I gladly would have listened and ‘crutch danced’ to David Guetta all night!

By the time Fatboy Slim came on it was either that I just wasn’t that into him or that David Guetta wrecked me so much I was ready to go home!

Norman Cook was good, I’m not going to take that away from him, I just wasn’t that into it. Saying that I was wrecked at that stage and would probably need to see him again to make a proper judgement.

Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim

The light show was cool and made the now falling rain look quite pretty. I loved the 21st century makeover that ‘Right here Right now’ got but I felt that the set didn’t hit the spot for me til near the end when House of Pain’s Jump Around was introduced. He left the crowd happy, I think I was probably too tired at the end to care!

MCD did a good job (How about getting Bob Sinclar here? He would have been excellent) but the trip through the park to get a bus back to the city centre brought us on what was like a school trip through an enchanted forest! Work on that bit lads..

Good day I’m still wrecked, lying on the couch with no energy! TV’s on, I’ve just enough energy to change the channel so I don’t have to watch Hollyoaks!

…nessy out!