Tune of the Week // Cloud Control – Rainbow City

Cloud Control - 2017

Cloud Control - 2017

My love affair with Cloud Control began back in 2011 when I saw them open for The Naked and Famous in The Button Factory in Dublin. I saw them again about two weeks later and then interviewed lead singer, Alistair Wright. Their debut album ‘Bliss Release’ became the soundtrack to my year.

Since then, the band released their second album ‘Dream Cave’ and also spent some time in the UK but it seemed like their light was fading.

But now they’re back, original member, Jeremy, has parted ways with the band, who are now continuing as a trio. And Alistair has cut his hair. Cloud Control have always felt like what 1967 would be like if it happened now. Maybe it’s just a hair cut but along with baring his physique in the video, it seems like this could be where CC cast the shackles of the past away and look forward to the future. The vocal delivery is raw and honest and in particular of the line ‘How Will I Carry On?’ echoes that is it a pivotful time in the life of Cloud Control.

I’m looking forward to the album, a worthy Tune of the week.

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM Show 104 July 17 2013


A full show this week, I spoke to Aaron Smyth from Vann Music, ex- Pro footballer John Burns, John is now in a band called The Establishment and they’ve a Dublin gig lined up and Stu Daly popped  into Foxden Studios for a song and a chat.

Here’s what happened:
1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Heavy Waves: No Good
3. Interview with Aaron Smyth from Vann Music
4. Vann Music: Life in Real Time
5. Interview with John Burns of The Establishment
6. The Establishment: Jennifer Jones
7. In studio chat with Stu Daly including
8. Stu Daly: Landing Light (live)
9. Stu Daly: Ballad of William Worthy (live – Phil Ochs cover)
10. Stu Daly: Plaster of Paris
11. Cloud Control: Dojo Rising

You can hear all the interviews on the podcast, Stu Daly performed two songs for us so you can hear them below or if you’re on a mobile device, here’s the Soundcloud link.

Thanks to all my guests and thanks to you for listening. Don’t forget you can listen to the full show again on the RTE Player. The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 1400 GMT and is repeated every Sunday at 2100 GMT.

Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM Show 104 July 17 2013 – podcast by Nessy on Mixcloud

Listen: Cloud Control unveil ‘Scar’ from new album ‘Dream Cave’



London based Australians, Cloud Control, have just unveiled another track from their forthcoming album ‘Dream Cave’. ‘Scar’ follows the release of ‘Dojo Rising’, the first single from the album and is more upbeat and instantly accessible than the latter.

The band’s debut album ‘Bliss Release’ was a thing of beauty and was on constant rotation when I got it. ‘Dream Cave’, which was produced by Barny Barnicott (Suede/Ladytron/Kasabian) is due out on September 13 in Ireland which the UK getting it two days later.

Listen: Cloud Control – Dojo Rising


CloudControlCloud Control‘s debut album ‘Bliss Release’, was one that managed to get onto my ipod, into my CD player and just never leave either. It boasted beautifully lush harmonies and a slight hippy psychedelic vibe. It also won them a Aria in their native Australia, their version of a Mercury or Choice Music Prize.

Following the release of their debut, the band moved to UK and Dojo Rising is the first new music we’ve heard since then. It’s a little dark and mournful, features some contemporary electronic blips and with sometimes overlapping vocal lines. Although there still is a little bit of a psychedelic edge, the band have moved on from Bliss Release.

Dojo Rising is taken from ‘Dream Cave’ and will be released on Infectious Records in Ireland and the UK on September 16th.

Tune Of The Week: 03/06/2011

There are very few bands who I have gone to see twice in a couple of weeks, 2011 has provided me with one such band. Having first seen Cloud Control open for The Naked and Famous in The Button Factory, a couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to catch an absolutely awesome gig at The Academy 2, dark and cavernous it completely suited their music.

The band’s Austrialian Music Prize winning album ‘Bliss Release’ eventually got its UK & Ireland release two weeks ago and it hasn’t really been off my player since.  There really isn’t a ‘single’ release anymore, its really more of a case of pushing a few particular tracks for radio play. Next in line for the push is this week’s Tune of The Week. (Best Radio Voice) From Cloud Control, it’s ‘This Is What I Said’.

Cloud Control Live at The Academy Review

thekanyutreeThere aren’t too many bands that I go and see gigs of a few weeks apart. When the opportunity arose to head to The Academy to Cloud Control on April 7th, I jumped at the chance. I had seen the band open for The Naked and Famous in The Button Factory and was looking for to seeing how their own headliner in a smaller venue would go down.

There were two supports on the night, Hello Moon and The Kanyu Tree. Catching only the last track from a band isn’t fair to comment on them but they had a decent pop indie sound, I wouldn’t mind hearing more.

The Kanyu Tree have been knocking around the Irish scene for a few years now and have just signed to Sony. Their new single ‘Radio’ is all over the airwaves at the moment so this was a good opportunity for them to get to an indier pop audience.  Continue reading “Cloud Control Live at The Academy Review”