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Grieving David Bowie

I’m a fan. I’ve always been a fan of music. I’ve hung on every syllable from the lips of singers. Their lyrics guiding me through good and bad times, happy, sad, the times I wasn’t sure and the times I wanted to party. Their magical melodies and musicianship weaving a magical spell, saying all the...

On Wednesday evening last I had the pleasure of going along to the opening of Seán Hillen‘s new exhibition, ReViewed at The Copper House Gallery in Synge Street in Dublin. For those of you who are familiar with Seán’s work, you probably would recognize some or all of these pieces. Alongside Les and Maureen Wolnich...

Keith Haring: 21st Anniversary

Today is the 21st anniversary of Keith Haring‘s death in 1990.  I, like many others, knew his work because of his unique style using thick lines and active bodies.  His artwork was also used on Red, Hot and Dance in 1992, which was part of a music series organised by Red Hot, an organization who’s mission is...

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