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Fossil Collective: Tell Where I Lie – Album Review

I sometimes get an anxious feeling when I go to listen to new material by an artist I’ve become familiar with. In this case, it’s Fossil Collective’s album ‘Tell Where I Lie’, I enjoyed their ‘Let it Go’ EP so much that I didn’t want to have...


Liz Lawrence: Bedroom Hero Album Review

Liz Lawrence is an artist that saw live a couple of times by chance. Firstly as support to Brooke Fraser and then to The Civil Wars, both times in The Sugar Club in Dublin. From there, I had some knowledge of Lawrence’s music. She writes catchy melodies,...

The Walls: Stop The Lights – Album Review

There are times when trying to listen to a new album can be difficult. Life gets in the way, one needs to be in the right headspace to let it in. With a couple of long train journeys imminent, The Walls’ new album ‘Stop The Lights’, made...

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