I currently present The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM. I’ve been doing that since moving to London in 2013. You can find podcasts here.

My day job is Content Coordinator and radio producer, working in national niche radio in the UK. I produce a weekly programme and also work in video production.

Before that I presented Culture Cafe on RTÉ 2XM which ran for two and a half years. Culture Cafe started life on DCUfm where I presented and produced shows from September 2009- June 2012. You can find all the Culture Cafe podcasts here. The show was also broadcast on national FM station in Ireland, RTE 2fm.

Here is a quick demo from The London Ear, broadcast on January 7th 2015.

Here are some samples from my radio work, if you would like further samples please do not hesitate to contact me. All the samples below are from live recordings and are not edited.

Nessy On The Radio by nessymon

Some other radio experience I’ve had includes presenting on Heartbeat, a love song station based in Dublin during it’s temporary FM licenced run from September – December 2010.

In 2009, I also presented radio shows on Hot Country, another temporary licenced station. Here, I co-presented ‘Sunday Fun’ with Simon Young on Sundays from 1100-1400. I also acted as cover for other presenters and in total presented at least two shows per weekend.

I also precorded radio shows for All Irish Radiowhich were broadcast on Sunday evenings and contributed liners for The 90s Network.



  • nessy

    Hi Johnny,

    Can you send me a mail to


  • johnny johnson

    hi nessy
    A mutual friend Lar Savage pointed me in your direction a couple of weeks ago,
    Lar said you were the person to talk to,
    I have just finished my first album “Drakma Velt Rama” its a 16 track album,
    My problem is i want to give it away, i dont want to make money from it, writing songs is an art form and if people like my songs then i would be delighted to give it free of charge to them (economics unfortunately cheapens the real value of music, demographics, sale statistics, sell, sell, sell) but national radio wont promote this idea without record company involvement, and itunes won’t allow me to give the album away for free, if you would accept a copy of the album and give it a listen and possibly give one or two songs a blast on air i would be delighted, here is a link to one of the songs its called “Ode to the enemy(a national anthem)” Its not the best song on the album but it fits the current political shitpit here in ireland.
    Thanking you for your time
    Johnny Johnson

  • nessy

    Hey Ramana,

    Can you send me some information to



  • Olá Nessy:

    I enjoyed stumbling into this by a cosmic accident. I am a world music singer performing the Fado music with a modern twist. I would love to connect about doing a feature/interview of my new album on your show?


    Ramana vieira