Yay its Spring!

Had a good day today, went to the Hugh Lane gallery in Dublin, remembered why I love Paris so much! Had a look at some works by Degas, Manet, Osbourne.. really liked Sean Scully’s work especially ‘Sandra’ and I, of course must mention the unbelieveable work by Yinka Shonibare, inspired by Gulliver’s Travels.

I also bought Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray so a bit of an arty day all round.

I got confirmation also about my show on DCUFm. So now I’m trying to come up with a name for it.. currently at number one is… NessyTime, like HammerTime ?! I’m also going to be looking for some fellow DCU students to do some bits on the show…¬† I’m going to make the show a Nessy Production for DCU Fm!

Also on the Nessy Productions front, I’ve been working like a maniac story boarding m first music video.. and before this one has even been started I’ve been asked to do a second one ūüôā So one is for a rock band and the second for a Hip Hop emcee !¬† Looking forward to both!

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Aine Duffy ‘Put Your Money On’ Review

Aine Duffy
Aine Duffy

Cork chanteuse, Aine Duffy isn’t exactly your run of the mill singer/songwriter. She insists on rocking out. That is very much evident from the first track of her debut album.


Duffy’s music can be described as a hint of Kate Bush with a dash of Janis Joplin, a cup full of Zeppelin and finished with a splash of twenty first century dance. Perhaps someone has also been listening to Sophie B Hawkins? The album grabs you, shakes you and makes sure you get your weekly dose of rock.


One of the standout tracks ‘Ask John’, is already released as a single, receiving airplay on both sides of the Atlantic. Duffy is quickly gaining the respect of industry and fans alike and has already a dedicated fan base in L.A. and N.Y.C.


Good musicianship, good arrangements, good beats, ‘Put Your Money On’ is a decent first album and a great starting point for Duffy.




The Shower Scene EP Review

The Shower Scene EP Cover
The Shower Scene EP Cover

I wrote this for www.musicreviewunsigned.com – Should be on their website shortly.

The Shower Scene

Occasionally a band comes along and makes you go ‘Wow!’. The Shower Scene have been together for little over a year but from the first note on their debut E.P. sound like they are old pros.


Taking elements of Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and the likes, The Shower Scene mould together an edgy emo/punk rock sound that is often not done well on our shores. Produced by Neal Calderwood, the five track E.P. sparkles with professionalism. Clever lyrics, catchy choruses and guitars turned up to 11 ensure The Shower Scene never miss a beat in the E.P.’s 17 minutes.


It’s not surprising to hear that The Shower Scene have ready opened for Fall Out Boy and are currently in the US on tour. Catch them before you have to pay lots of money!





What a week! It’s all busy busy and this weekend wasn’t any different. I attended a two day training/seminar with Larry Jordan who told us all about Final Cut Pro and all that surrounds it.. Really interesting.¬†www.larryjordan.biz Two eight hour days on a Saturday and Sunday though kinda make my head sore! Need a days sleep! and some time to let all the information sink into my little head!

I’ve added two pages.. Writings and Remediation… just bits and bobs I write that you might like to read, like¬†my Little piece on Pere Lechaise, Paris ¬†and a 1500 word essay on Remediation: From The Printing Press to Blogging.. any comments are welcome. Would love to hear opinions on this. The more I read on the subject the more interested I become. I think Henry Jenkins is one very clued in man! Read the essay and check out this blog! www.henryjenkins.org

This week is¬†Rag Week in college and¬†DCUFm is on air.. should be good – I may also be doing an interview this week with DJ Flip and Stretch from Foreign Legion (Oakland, CA, USA) who are about to¬†go on a European Tour! Stretch has the coolest SF Giants¬†hat I had ever seen!¬†¬†Which reminds me that Spring Training isn’t too far away! I can feel my insomnia kicking in!


nessy out!

Monday Monday

Back in college after the weekend. Went to see the Bodies exhibition in the Ambassador.. mental… really good. Well run too.. MCD did a good job with it.
Just had an interview for DCUFM so I’ll find out if I got a position for the new semester – will know on Wednesday… I’ve also got the go ahead to do a prerecorded show on arts and culture which I have a few ideas for…

Crap news for the Irish telly channel BubbleHits… it’s gone off the air! Respect to the guys who went for it.. Fair play to you! Seemed like the dream was working!

…nessy out!