Competition: Win tickets to Agatha Christie’s Verdict at The Gaiety

AgathaChristieVerdict-GaietySo Agnatha Christie is known as the Queen of Crime and Verdict comes to The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin from October 17 – 22nd.

Interestingly, Written and first performed in 1958, Verdict is one of Christie’s few original plays which is not based on a novel or short story. It premiered in the West End in May 1958, and ran for 250 performances, before later going on to open in New York and Luxembourg.

I have two tickets to give away for the opening night on October 17th. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell me if you were a bad guy in a story, what would your name be? And sure while you’re at it, you can like my Facebook page too! The competition will run until Tuesday 4th October at 1700.

Good luck!

What’s the story about?

‘Having been forced to flee persecution in his home country, the brilliant and idealistic Professor Karl Hendryk leads a content and morally upstanding life, but his world is turned upside-down when the prospect of life-saving treatment for his invalid wife persuades him to take on a new pupil against his better judgement; the spoilt, conniving minx Helen who will stop at nothing to get her way. With murderous intentions afoot, it only remains to be seen what verdict will be delivered, and if justice will prevail..’



  • Anonymous

    Competition is now closed.. and winner will be notified. Thanks to everyone who entered.

  • Sandragough

    Mr MaGoo!!!

  • Zofia Domaracka

    Ivanna Stabieu

  • Denis McEvoy

    Justus B. Dunne 🙂

  • Janey B Goode – innocent sounding

  • Grace Mullins

    Mrs Mea Badson Ofabitch

  • Alleguten Allebosen

    Sephiroth (Spelling something wrong protects against being sued, right? RIGHT???)

  • Cian Markey

    Lord Baron Nigel von Pädophile. I’m subtle like that.

  • Evanko

    I would be know as coloumbo smashes

  • Glasrai

    The pleasant young Arthur Happyslap, a kind young tennis player who would never dream of murdering his cousin’s uncle’s grandson’s employer’s fishmonger’s cat.

  • Citizensin

    Citizen Sin. sums up all the badness of an OTT baddie

  • kat

    Ms Daisy cos its always the ones who sound innnocent arent!!!

  • Doug Barnes

    Bastian B’staard

    Says it all!

  • sean thompson – it fills me with dread 😛

  • Carolineod

    Lusania Gowl-Biore. I obviously wouldn’t do too much hanging around in Cork… but I think it’s a good european name for a Poirot villainess who wears very dark,long silk dresses and smokes with a cigarette holder. And drinks from old fashioned champagne glasses…a lot.

  • Jenny

    I would be a villianess name Evila Lockhorn- and I would be stunningly beautiful on the outside but have a black heart on the inside!

  • Josephine M

    Rumpelstiltskin it is a name I remember from childhood and have never forgotten him. He is a dwarf who spins straw into gold in return to have the girl’s first firstborn.

  • Emer

    Lucifer (sounds mysterious and evil to me!)

    I love Agatha Christie, fingers crossed xx